BGI History

The Association of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade e.V. was founded on 3rd July 1965.

Presidents of the BGI

1965 – 1967Fritz Döttling
1967 – 1975Alfred Hopmeier
1975 – 1977Karl Jacob Heinrich Peters
1977 – 1978Eberhard Gumz
1978 – 1991Hans Georg Dünnebacke
1991 – 1999Romano Semeria
1999 – 2008Gerhard Klümpen
2008 – 2016Jan Roelofs
seit 2016Norbert Engler

Weitere Beiträge

The association

The “Association of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade” is the national interest group of the German cut flower and pot plant wholesalers and import dealers.

Our aim is the promotion and maintenance of the flower and plant wholesale sector in Germany. That includes ensuring and representation of our member’s interests at national and international authorities, organisations, associations and other corporations.

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